Boards: Directors’ Obligations

What does it mean to have a seat on the board? It means responsibility. It means long term strategic planning. It means keeping an eye on the bottom line. But above all else – at least, in Canada that is – it means acting in the best interests of the corporation. And that, my dear friends, is a […]

Corporate Names: Choosing a Name

Choosing a name for your company usually involves a pen, a note pad and a lot of head scratching.  You want to pick a name that people will remember – something catchy – which is easy to write or type. But what don’t you want? Easy. You don’t want a name for your company which violates someone’s trademark. And you don’t […]

Assigning Intellectual Property

So you got together with a bunch of other people and built a really cool new application which you think you can build a business around. One person had a keen eye for design and created a great user interface. Another person could write amazing code. And you were the one who came up with the […]

Corporate Names: Language Requirements

Lot’s of people ask the question: What’s in a name? Well, naming your company is an important consideration. It’s integral to your brand and identity as a company, but as you may have guessed, there are also some legal implications. If you’re doing business here in Quebec and you want to incorporate, you have two options. You […]

Pond Hockey

Time to do Business in Canada

I travel to the US a lot (my wife is from Philadelphia) – and one of the things that never ceases to surprise me is how “foreign” Canada seems to some south of our border. So let me try and demystify Canada, and show you how great a place it is to invest and do business. If […]